Assembly Gloves AAG-107

Material: Goatskin/Sheepskin leather
Color: Black
Thumb Design: Key-stone thumb
Insulated spandex back: Yes
Inside elastic band: Yes

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The Assembly Gloves AAG-107 are a high-quality pair of work gloves designed for individuals who require protection while performing assembly tasks. The gloves are made of a durable combination of goatskin and sheepskin leather, providing a comfortable and secure grip.

The gloves come in a sleek black color with an insulated spandex back for added warmth and comfort. The key-stone thumb design allows for a greater range of motion and added flexibility, making them ideal for tasks requiring dexterity.

In addition, the gloves feature an inside elastic band, a red cotton hem, and four fingers leather tip, providing a snug and secure fit. The gloves are also lined with full cotton fleece, ensuring warmth during colder weather conditions.

Whether you’re working on an assembly line or need protection while performing manual tasks, the Assembly Gloves AAG-107 are an excellent choice. With their durable construction, comfortable fit, and flexible design, these gloves are the perfect addition to any worker’s safety equipment.


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